If you have a premium credit card, there is always the added advantage you have. You have access to conciere servics. Having this service allows you to do thing like make reservations to a hotel when you travel, book tickets to a recreation activity like a concert! or just find where to go and eat while on a trip abroad. You can also use this service while in the comfort of your home, moderation is ofsource advised.

Having a concirge service you are only limited to what is beyond reason, this is only a matter of perspective though, as they will do whatever it takes no matter what! You can have gifts delivered to a girl you are coating, or have your shopping done, or your pet-sitting needs taken care of by a competitent concierge. You could also have locations you want to visit recommended to you, as the cases of where to eat, places to see - like museums and art and famous tourist sites.

Is amex concierge better than chase concierge: Amex Concierge

As a American Express Platnum card holder, and a Member of Delta SkyMiles Reserve or Hilton Honors, you have access to amex concierge, with it you can get recommendations to destinations worth visitng, to the locations you want to visit while you are there - local restraunts, you ought to sample, travel guide recommendations, as these come as a standard feature of these high0end cards.

You shall not be charged any extra cost for using this service, only the costs incured on the card, i.e items you purchase or order.

You will easily contact and request a concierge by dialing the number on the back of your card.

amex concierge - American Express Black

Centurion Concierge is a reserve feature for the invitation only Centurion Card Holders. Also called American Express Black, when you have this card, you ge a personal representative, via whom you can make requests.

Is amex concierge better than chase concierge: Chase Concierge

Chase cards are some of the most popular out there, chanches are, you have come across them, or have one.

Through Visa, you have Concierge services if you are a Chase Sapphire holder. The advantage is that a finacial network is responsible for this service, and you have 24/7 access to the Visa Signature through the number 800-953-7392.

For Infinite Brand, you have a little bit more flexibility, as opposed to Visa Signature, you can, for example, get services like wine delivery, cake and flowers delivered to special occassions, and all is door service, all with an amazing response time, since Infinite cards are in indeed finite circulation.

If you want to have the privilagdes afforded by Visa Concierge, you can write to them via email, or visiting the Visa website. All requests are handled within a 24 - 48 hour period.

Limitations of the Visa Concierge

Cardholders will have to call support for certain things like billing & inquries, insurance or benefits, a lost card or for the purposes of activating the card, the Visa concierge representative will not be able to help.

Amex Concierge:

American Express concierge, have a reputation for delivering results in a faster way than almost any other service. They go over and beyond to meet even unusual requests, offering services such as ticket hunt, getting you to events an concerts that may be deemed, as exclusive- not tickets available for now! By keeping event organizers on their tabs, they will get you tickets you won't find almost anywhere else. Also, you may want to develop a relationship with your representative for a more personalized serivice, whenever you need it.

Chase Concierge:

Chase are really great whenit comes to response time, they will pickup your phone quicker than others. They put customer response at the top priority of their services. Although they may not be as good as amex concierge when it comes to fulfiment, r turnaround time, they will listen to your needs and try to meet them in respectable timeline.

Although both concierge service are great, some seasons might make them a little delayed. Holidays and summers being busy, you expect to wait a little while for your request to be fulfilled.

Our Choice

Due to the time spent on the travel industry, Amex might just have an edge on this one. Experience matters, they know the knitty gretty that can help you make your vacation a better experience.

With their reputation on going over and beyond, also makes amex concierge a nose ahead, as all their offices abroad, are dedicated towards making travel experiences better for their customers.

Even when called upon during a life or death event, amex concierge takes a whole new defination of the word, over and beyond. for example, one card holder in Bali got a ride out of a volcanic event.

Our recommendation: amex concierge.

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