So you're deciding between semrush vs similarweb. This article has everything you need to know.

If you want to discover your competitors website traffic, use this tool
Semrush is an all inclusive marketing platform, giving more than traffic analysis.
Good for Website Traffic Analysis
Best All in one Marketing Platform
Similarweb Free: Limited features, but no additional cost

Similarweb Essential: 249/month

Similarweb Advanced: 449/month

Semrush Pro: $119.95 per month

Semrush Advanced: $229.95 per month

Semrush Ultimate: $449.95 per month

Discounts for pre-paid annual plans
  • Quick Overview
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Multiple insights into audience analysis
  • Fully detailed website analysis
  • Backlinks reporting
  • Simple user interface
Customer support by phone or email Online community forums Similarweb Knowledge center
Customer service access 24/7 via chat Phone, Email Support Knowledge Base Tutorials
Quick and easy data analysis Basic, simple account dashboard
Ready-made widgets require zero analysis experience Easy-to-navigate dashboard A fully functional backlink audit service

As a online business owner, you must use multiple traffic analysis tools to maximize traffic sources and earn more revenue. So, while you may have be considering looking at what your competition is doing as you look to revamp your operation up, you also need to find low competition keyword opportunities to leverage free traffic and grow your business organically.

If you're looking into what your competition is doing and make the leap into competitor research and organic rankings, two of the best traffic analysis tools are Semrush and Similarweb. We'll go over their respective features and pricing below, so you can select the best one for your needs.

Semrush vs Similarweb: An overview

You'll want to choose your traffic analysis tool carefully given the amount of research time required to uncover golden opportunities for growth.

That means when you begin, consider short and long term goals. Where are you right now? What about 8 months from now? Where do you antispate you will be? With this frame of mind now you can determine your optimal choice in the semrush vs similarweb matchup.

Who is Semrush for?

The Backgroundguy's in-depth Semrush review **shows this most advanced all inclusive digital marketing tool provides a variety of options and features for traffic analysis and competitor research.

In addition, if you're already doing backlinks or position tracking, it has a backlink analytics and link building tool to easily integrate all your research. With multiple pricing tiers, you can begin with one or two research projects but, when needed, handle many more projects as needed.

Who is Similarweb for?

As one of your Semrush alternatives,** Similarweb started as an online website traffic analyzer, and that's still its primary mission even as it's transitioned to a digital intelligence provider platform.

While it has added the ability for enterprise and small to mid-sized business to get web analytics services and also offers its users information on their clients' and competitors' web traffic and performance, it has retained its core product categories: top website rankings and similar web traffic.

Despite adding functionality since its founding in 2007, it's still primarily for estimating the total amount of traffic different websites get.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Features

At a basic level, Semrush and Similarweb offer the same capabilities: website traffic analysis and competitor research. Beyond that, however, distinct differences surface between the two in terms of advanced functionality as well as the ability to scale up as your research increase.

What Semrush offers

If you have big plans for your online business, Semrush's features will provide the means to go deeper into the website data and uncover hidden gems easily.

In addition to your own domain overview, you'll be able to access other competitive research channels. As noted above, if you're already doing backlinks or position tracking, you can use Semrush Link Building Analysis to bundle all your competitor research within one system.

Plus, Semrush is designed for easy integration with Site Audit, Keyword Overview and On Page SEO Checker, so you can see your analysis there too. If you're already selling dropped domains, you can compare those domains as well from a single interface.

Semrush's reporting features provide you with the information you need to make smart business decisions.

In addition to basic info such as position tracking over specific time periods, you can break out traffic insights by other Website Traffic key performance indicators **(KPI) such as Traffic Analytics, Listing Management, Domain Analytics, Traffic Insights, Backlink Analytics, and Keyword Overview.

This will all help you generate actionable business intelligence to determine organic traffic value as well as contribute to the traffic generation process.

The multifaceted Semrush SEO dashboard provides a wealth of actionable insights

Want to hit the ground running? Use Semrush Bulk Backlink Analysis to view an existing website's backlinks. If you're interested in this option, you can filter the backlinks for link building opportunities by volume and export results in to CSV or XLSX formats.

No matter what kind of existing website traffic you'd like to analyse, you can likely find it all at Semrush Bulk Analysis Tools

What Similarweb offers

Similarweb is geared more toward checking and analysing any website traffic. While its features are less robust, they are also easy to use. In addition, instead of a keyword research tool for your website, you'll have a deep-down analysis into your competitor traffic.

That is, Similarweb is more like a behind-the-scene analytics for every site online where you have your competitors data set up under one roof.

One big plus is the amount of data you can potentially receive from Similarweb's homepage, thanks to its policy that it does not present data for websites with < 5k estimated visitors for the last month. In terms of your competitors website traffic, Similarweb is one of the most qualified tools to show how highly ranked in the world a website is!, consistently with country rank and category rank giving you even more insight, which can lower your cost per click** for each new visitor.

There is an extra feature on Similarweb called "Competitors" that allows you to see similar sites to your own website or other websites. This will not replace your Competitor analysis but will supplement it. You can also get more insight through Geography & Country Targeting, although you'll need the website to have at least 5k visitors per month to do that.

When it comes to keyword search traffic reports and analytics, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of data available. Similarweb sticks to the basics that you absolutely need to know: top keywords, referral traffic as well as display advertising traffic.


Semrush is definitely the winner in this category. It offers more features than Similarweb to increase traffic through its multiple analysis channels and offers more robust reporting features to help formulate your business strategy.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Support

When you want to do a deep down into competitor analysis, you're going to need customer support; it's almost inevitable with all that data you'll pull. Even if you have a background in web analysis and research, and especially if you don't, you'll want to have someone help you when you need to work through all the multiple layers of data and analysis.

What Semrush offers

Semrush offers the following means of customer support:

  • 24/7 support team availability by chat, email, and phone
  • Semrush Knowledge base with user guides, answers to commonly asked questions, and tutorials
  • Semrush-approved partners
  • An online Semrush community

What Similarweb offers

Similarweb users can reach out for help in these ways:

  • Customer support by phone or email
  • The Similarweb Knowledge center


Both Semrush and Similarweb have the resources you'll need to get started and track your competition traffic smoothly. Semrush's 24/7 chat feature and access to partners, however, gives them a slight advantage in this area.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Ease of use

Ease of use is a critical reason in choosing a platform, why? because you want to spend time wisely, analyzing traffic, looking into your competion and growing your online business as opposed to learning and navigating your traffic analysis tool.

What Semrush offers

The Semrush dashboard is simple and packed with useful information: the menu in the left column breaks out the different areas you'll need to access, including domain analytics, position tracking, site audit, and additional panels show competitive research, keyword research and link building.

Advanced features include backlink audit, **Google search console and Analytics integration, and more traffic analytics reporting, all valuable tools, but ultimately it may also create a steeper learning curve.

What Similarweb offers

The Similarweb account dashboard offers information similar to Semrush's: access to traffic and engagement, geography & country targeting, audience demographics and audience insights. At the same time, what you see is what you get because there are not that many advanced features.

Similarweb's stripped-down design also contributes to its ease of use: There is less to learn, so you'll be up and running more quickly.


Similarweb is definitely the winner in this category. Semrush's more complex design is meant to allow you to scale up over time as your research, but Similarweb's website traffic analysis extension** and dashboard interface are built to be, and remain, simple to use.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Support

With pricing, you want to be especially vigilant. You can't choose a plan that leaves you needing more features, but you also don’t want to pay for options you're not going to use any time soon.

And don’t forget, in addition to the cost of a monthly subscription, you'll also might have add-on fees for each extras you choose.

What Semrush offers

Semrush offers three plans, all of which come with unlimited customer support:

  • Semrush Pro ($119.95/month) -- You get access to 5 projects, track 500 keywords daily, domain and backlinks analytics, suitable for marketing newbies and small in-house teams.
  • Semrush Guru ($229.95/month) -- You'll have all pro features (15 projects & 1500 keywords to track) plus access to content marketing platform and google data studio integration. This plan is great for marketing consultants, SMEs and growing agencies.
  • Semrush Business ($449.95/month) -- Here you get access to 40 projects & 5000 keywords to track, plus all guru features and API access. Great for large agencies and enterprises.
  • Semrush Custom (contact for plan) -- This plan is for those that want play big. You've got to contact Semrush for a custom plan.

What Similarweb offers

Similarweb offers these three plans:

  • Free Plan -- There's no cost that apply but you are limited to exploring a limited version of Similarweb Research Intelligence to develop your digital strategy
  • Essential Plan ($249/month) -- This plan includes Competitive Analysis Tools, Keyword Research Tools, Affiliate Research Tools, Media Buying Research Tools, Ad Creative Research Tools, Insights Assistant
    Advanced Plan ($449/month) -- This plan gives all Essential Plan does plus an increase in the number of Website Results, Website Page Results, Keyword Results, Ad Creatives
  • Ultimate Plan: This is a custom plan that gives you access to all Similarweb features unlimited. You get to contact Similarweb support to get a qoute on it.

For sheer simplicity, Semrush pricing comes out on top here. Similarweb pricing ramps up quickly -- and its complicated depending on what you need


On this category Semrush takes it.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Integration with other software

No traffic analysis tool can do it all, so you will require to intergrate different tools and platforms to make things make more sense. So how do third-party apps, plug-ins, or integrations play with these tools?

One note of caution: While some apps are free or have a free trial period, you'll have to buy many of them, and some may also have a monthly subscription fee.

What Semrush offers

Thanks to the large scale at which Semrush operates with its upper-tier plans, it has a correspondingly robust app centre with over 40 of its own and third-party options available.

Need help with your mobile app visibility? You can choose from the apps center to help with that. And there are hundreds more to aid your e-commerce keyword analytics,** ad clarity , media monitoring, lead generator forms, and audience intelligence.**

Plus, you can see all the available apps before you sign up for a Semrush plan to make sure you'll be able to do exactly what you need to do.

What Similarweb offers

As noted above, one of Similarweb's strengths is its strictly basic functionality that provides an easy learning curve. At the same time, that means you'll need to use multiple add-on apps to customize it for your needs.

At the same time, one thing about Similarweb is that you can use the Salesforce connector in order to get even more insight into your business by incorporating your CRM.**

To see other apps they integrate with, find this articles that detais Similarweb's top ranking apps.


Hands down, Semrush is the winner in this category. The up-front transparency of its available apps in addition to their wide range of capabilities is far superior.

How They Compare: Semrush vs Similarweb



Features Yes
Support Yes
Ease of use Yes
Pricing Yes
Integration with other software

Go big, go Semrush

In the end, Semrush comes out on top. That's because when you choose a traffic analysis platform, you need one that will work for you now as well as scale up as your sales grow.

On both counts, Semrush outperforms Similarweb. Sure, if you have a small operation that you want to keep small, Similarweb could be a viable option. But, if you plan to dramatically increase your sales, Semrush is the platform that will best serve your needs.


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